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Italian design lacquerware website release
for the "kawatsura SHI-KI Collection"


For Italian design lacquerware

■Kawatsura lacquerware and Italian design of collaboration
kawatsura SHI-KI collection it was achieved by collaboration with designers who are active in Italy and that traditional techniques Akita of skilled craftsmen have inherited the.
Fusion of defense inherit the traditional techniques and new design to stubbornly is made and exciting encounter of different cultures, gave an innovative change in the traditional crafts.
Without having to go against the material and traditional techniques, in addition to play in functionality according to the lifestyle of today, new lacquerware ever was born. Are fused tradition and design, it is fortunate if you can be reproduced in the daily life of today historical sensibility again.

■Kawatsura same thing as lacquerware
Design becomes new, color scheme so far is something new not in Kawatsura lacquerware, all natural wood, does not change that it has been produced by natural lacquer. Oil, chemical, heat, natural materials of the completed form with excellent resistance to wear. It is the lacquerware.
We use all means you for everyday use, please enjoy its high functionality and design.

Natural wood and natural lacquer lacquerware is the ultimate SDGs. The articles are hollowed out of natural wood and painted with natural lacquer and natural materials such as rice powder, abrasive powder, ground powder, wood chips, etc. The base coat (natural putty), middle coat, and top coat are all painted with natural lacquer.
Even if a piece is chipped or cracked, natural wood products can be repaired.
When disposed of, they do not produce dioxin and return to the natural world as ashes. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)